We'll Show em the way to go home
It's the good old Eagles cry
We'll send Power underground
Give the Bulldogs a big black eye
We'll give Hervey Bay hell
Make the Bears throw in the towel
And if anyone here doesn't drink beer
We'll show em the way to go home
Doin the Eagles Rock!

Whats in a jersey?
Across the Waves AFC was formed in 1997 with the joining of the North Bundaberg Kangaroos AFL Club and South Bundaberg Magpies AFL Club.  South Bundaberg became a sub club of ATW Sports club in 1995. In the first half of the year of 1997 the newly joined team played one week in Norths Kangaroos colours Blue and White stripes (per North Melbourne) and the other in Souths Magpies colours Black and White (Per Collingwood) as there was no funds for new jerseys.
The blue and yellow colours were the official Across The Waves Sports Club (ATWSC) colours. As the West Coast Eagles (WCE) had the same colours the committee chose the Eagle as the mascot and approached the WCE for assistance and permission to use their club jerseys.  The WCE returned a great letter expaining that the young club could buy the jerseys from them at $160 each. A fee that was totally unreachable for the club at the time. So the Eagles went on alternating the jerseys each week. 
About half way through the season Sue (and Tim) Lawson, who owned a material shop in town, agreed to sell The Eagles (at cost price) the material and the club ladies Julieanne Patterson, Sue Lawson, Rose Osborne, Dawn Stuchbery and others sat up nights and days sowing jumpers.  Once the new jumpers were ready ATW AFL Eagles were really formed and they went on undefeated the rest of season and took out the premiership.
Eagles went on to win the senior grand final again in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2015.
The Eagles have enjoyed great success and played in all but one senior grand final since 1997.

The originating committee in 1997:
President: Graeme Osborn
Secretary: Janine Bond
Treasurer: Darren Porra
Senior Coach: Colin Patterson
Patrons: Michael Stuchbery and Gwen Coulthard
1997 saw Ronnie Blair earn Best and Fairest and Shaun Enever was the leading goal kicker.


Frank Coulthard Oval bears the name of the founding father of AFL in Bundaberg Mr Frank Coulthard. Frank and Gwen were local business operators running the GFC Store (mixed groceries, take away etc) on Dunn Road. Frank later became an alderman (councillor) and so did Gwen. The grouds were a grant from the state government for the purpose of sporting faciities to the Bundaberg AFL in 1974.
In 1975 the grounds were still bushland and trees so the grounds were plowed up. The Souths AFL Club would meet at the grounds and walk up and down the patch of dirt picking up sticks and burning them, have a BBQ and go home black from the dirt. They continued this for several weeks.